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Don’t let the “Oktober” part of the name fool you–the 16-day festival of beer, oompa music, and wurst always starts in late September. Though historically a Bavarian celebration held annually in Munich, Oktoberfests have popped up in cities all over the world.

The holiday originated as a royal wedding celebration, but it has since been eclipsed by the beer which must adhere to strict German Beer Purity laws (Reinheitsgebot) to be considered official Oktoberfest Beer. Luckily for us non-Germans, globalization has granted us access to such tasty brews in our local corner stores and supermarkets.

Oktoberfest | A Dog and a Blog

Even dogs can celebrate Oktoberfest by dressing-up and participating in local parades and activities! Credit: http://dachshundlove.blogspot.com

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