When I was six, something magical happened. I fell in love with learning. Each day after school, I invited neighborhood children into our home where I would teach them what I had learned. And they kept coming back.

Today I am a professional educator who still recognizes that everyone deserves a chance to learn, develop, and succeed. These learners include the new scientist who must publish her research, the CEO who needs to speak at the White House and Congress, and the team leader who has severe anxiety about writing. I’ve seen thousands of people reaching beyond what they thought they could ever accomplish.

I still have that child-like fascination with learning, but I also want to dedicate more time to writing. After teaching writing in high schools, universities, and currently in corporations worldwide, I have decided to work–and play–more with words. My mind is filled with stories, which are screaming to let them out of there. Please join me–and my dog Roxie– as these words find their freedom.

Ann & Roxie

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