The Effect of Holidays on Dogs

The Effect of Holidays on Dogs

A Dog-Gone Great Holiday!

Submitted by Sarah Cochran

Dogs are wonderful companions, and we don’t want to leave them out of the festivities of the holidays. So we take them along so that they may join in the fun. Thanksgiving just recently happened, and some of my family gathered out in the country to celebrate. Maggie (my 15-year-old Beagle mix) came along.

Maggie, the Greeter

She greeted people and tried to stay close by me, but she mixed with everyone pretty well– especially those who were carrying food.

Celebration and Connection

We spent about six hours eating and talking and celebrating the things for which we are grateful. Then we ate some more and talked some more. New connections were made and old connections shared. Maggie got some tidbits here and there and didn’t lack for social connection, in spite of the fact that the only other animal present was the house cat.


After the pie, with lots of whipped cream of course, Maggie and I gathered some leftovers and headed home–a day well spent celebrating the holiday! The photo above is of Maggie shortly after arriving home from our Thanksgiving feast!

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