The Force Awakens . . . and Stirs Up a Thrilling Ride


The Force Awakens a return-to-form in the Star Wars universe and stirs up a thrilling ride

Sold-out showings and several unknown performers to stir your emotions. Han Solo, Leia, Chewbacca as returning cast, 38 years after The New Hope soared onto the screen. An actual robot—no CGI here–to steal your heart. Enough fight scenes and explosions to satisfy the adventure-seeker in your soul.

It’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, exploding into theaters this week with J. J. Abrams in the director’s seat orchestrating this much-awaited film. Speaking of orchestrating, John Williams is back with his familiar thematic score, starting with the trumpets heralding the opening text against a dark, starry universe.

You’ll soar into space, crash-land, slam unto sand, and blast those evil Stormtroopers. You’ll applaud at the familiar characters and fighter planes, laugh at the witty comebacks, and perhaps tear-up at the Leia-Han reunion.

But it’s Rey, the deserted young woman on Jakku, whose combination of spunk, street-smarts, and technical know-how shows the men how to defeat the evil Empire. The force truly does awaken when she grabs former-Stormtrooper Finn and then captains the Millennium Falcon, leads the Resistance, and overtakes the First Order.

There are no spoilers here, no endings to keep you away from the theater. But go, and then go back again.

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