What the Movie Sicario Taught Me About Women as Leaders

Sicaro Cast

Movie Notes: Sicario

Midway through the movie Sicario, Emily Blunt’s character confronts her male superiors and demands, “I just want to know what I’m getting into.”  She never gets an honest answer.

As FBI Agent Kate Macer, Blunt is recruited for a Delta Force team based on her resilience, spunk, and resolve.  She operates with no extra words and no extra emotions.  Kate is tough, and the men on her team respect that; they just don’t want her to know the full story of their mission.  As the viewers suspect, it’s a man’s world here.

Be forewarned that the scenes are flooded with harrowing—and horrifying—discoveries as Kate’s team searches for the masterminds behind the crimes we witness.  In this case, it’s the vicious world of drug cartels, but the setting could be any situation of ambiguity and frustration. Amid these dangerous circumstances, Kate wants to follow the rules; however, as time progresses, she realizes there are no rules. She wants justice—and the audience, both male and female, is on her side.

But when she lets her emotions take over–when she lets her guard down completely–she is face-to-face with the consequences of her unfortunate choices.  Perhaps because her gender is associated with weakness, you guessed it:  A male colleague suddenly appears to rescue her.

In a final scene, Kate struggles between living a lie or not living at all.  It could have been a man in this same struggle, but it’s our beloved, betrayed Kate. And there is no one at all to rescue her this time.

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